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Welcome Duvalls!

It was truly the pleasure of the Southern Crop Production Association to have Zippy and Bonnie Duvall with us for the 62nd Annual Meeting.  Zippy is the newly elected president of The American Farm Bureau Federation, and Bonnie is the very strong “woman behind that man”!  The Duvalls are from Greene County, Georgia and are involved in the production of poultry, cattle and hay.  They are third generation farmers and know what it means to cross the “fencerows” in agriculture and make a difference in this world.

Zippy opened the 62nd Annual Meeting on Monday morning with a message of challenge and promise for agriculture.  He stated that we need to be a united industry.  Legislation needs to serve all parts of the supply chain as we work side by side daily to provide food for our nation.

Bonnie’s equally inspiring message, of family and faith, was shared at our Ladies Luncheon at noon on Monday.  She spoke of how life often “blindsides” us when we face those difficult moments on our journey.  Courage and perseverance reflected from her smiling face as she told us to be strong in what we believe in…and to stand by and protect those we believe in!

Thank you, Duvalls, for your encouraging messages of hope for tomorrow!

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