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Southern Crop

After 55 Years Silent Spring Remains Relevant

Some credit Silent Spring for creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, an organization that’s often condemned for regulatory overreach, but also praised for cleaning our water and air and protecting our soil.

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McConnell Pushes Hemp Legalization in Farm Bill

Declaring he has “won the argument” on hemp, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that the Senate is on track for a vote to legalize the crop that comes from the same plant that produces marijuana.   Read more

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The Fake Dairy Issue Isn’t Going Away. Neither Are We.

Effectively representing the interests of the nation’s dairy farmers and their cooperatives requires a balance of short-, intermediate-, and long-term efforts. Nowhere is that principle more evident than in our fight against fake milk and milk products — and it motivates why we’re opening another chapter in a saga we[…]

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