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Southern Crop

Joint Statement from the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) and CropLife America (CLA)

Dear Colleagues,

Modern developments in weed management technologies present unique opportunities and challenges for growers and applicators. The development of these technologies is crucial to successful pest control in the face of challenges such as weed resistance. With these new technologies (as with existing pest management products) comes responsibility on registrants, retailers, applicators and growers to properly steward the use of these products. It is critical that all segments of the value chain work to carry out the fundamental principles of stewardship and sustainability in the use of all pest control products—to always follow the label and ensure that all crop protection products are used consistent with the approved directions for use. In this way, we can all maximize the results for our growers and make sure that we are fully protective of the environment.


CLA and ARA also ask you to join us in urging states and federal regulators alike to avoid actions that could have the unintended effect of exacerbating the potential for product misuse.


To further assist with greater attention to these critical issues, we encourage you and everyone in your organization to participate in two webinars that ARA has organized on Herbicide Tolerant Crop Technology Stewardship, on April 20 and on April 27. Click here for more information and to register.

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