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EPA Asks States for Input on New WOTUS Rule

With the proposal to withdraw the Waters of the U.S. rule under review by the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Environmental Protection Agency is asking states to share with the agency what they think a new rule should look like.

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State Regulation Would Broaden Wetlands Rules

Saying that it will continue to protect environmentally sensitive waterways such as wetlands in California, even if federal protections on waters of the U.S. are limited, the State Water Resources Control Board has unveiled a final draft on how it plans to regulate dredge-and-fill activities in the state. Read More

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EPA Seeks Comments on Center for Food Safety Petition

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is seeking public comment on a petition from the Center for Food Safety (CFS) requesting that EPA either initiate a rulemaking or issue a formal Agency interpretation for planted seeds treated with systemic insecticides. The position taken in the petition is that the Agency has[…]

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