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Why CRISPR Really Will Change the World Forever

Genetic engineering has been a hot topic in agriculture over the past two decades. A new molecular tool called CRISPR, which acts like a cut-and-paste tool for our DNA, is now on the verge of changing the way we understand genetic engineering. Scientists are using CRISPR to treat disease. Could this change the way we live? View the video to understand how CRISPR works and what it could mean to the world as we learn more about its process.


Dupont researchers are reporting their results from their CRISPR tests. CRISPR-Cas advanced plant breeding technology develops improved seeds by using the native characteristics available within the target crop.  “DuPont Pioneer scientists are working hard to improve the efficiency with which we develop robust seed products for the benefit of growers and society. CRISPR-Cas is one of the tools we’re using to do just that.” Read the Dupont article to see how using CRISPR  advancements on plants is bringing them further into the 21st century.

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