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SCPA Summer Board Meeting Report

Southern Crop Production held its summer board meeting July 21-24 at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Beach Club. Executive Vice President Jeff Cassady updated the board on the transition of leadership of the association from Colonel Ed Duskin to Jeff taking over in February. The association under the leadership of Colonel Duskin was left in outstanding financial shape which allowed for the smooth transition. The meeting was chaired by President Spencer Black of Triangle Chemical Company.
The board held discussions around what are the next steps for the association and how best to expand its reach and potential. The staff provided an update on the new website that is being constructed and what new social media apps would be available. It is the intention of the association to use this new platform to continue to reach its members and promote the association to potential new members.
State Affairs Director, Bucky Kennedy, gave the board an update on the recent legislative activities the state affairs committee had undertaken in the past couple of years. He also updated the board on the political action committees and the contributions that had been made.
The board left the staff with several action items to continue to work but expressed their support for the current enhancements that had been done. They wanted to continue to honor the work that had been done but look forward to the growth of the organization.


Report by Bucky Kennedy

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