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The Southern Crop Production Association was established in 1954 by pesticide formulators who foresaw the need for a regional trade association which would provide them with needed information and speak for the group at state and federal levels with one strong voice. In the succeeding years SCPA has quadrupled its size, scope and activity so that its company membership now includes over 95 percent of the firms which manufacture, formulate and distribute crop protection products in fifteen southern states. Associate membership includes additional companies which provide products and services to active members.

Today, SCPA continues its growth and is recognized throughout the industry and by state and federal agencies and legislative elements as the principal spokesperson for the crop protection industry and related trades in the South.

SCPA’s Annual Convention held in the late fall is a highlight of the year. The convention is known in the trade as “one of meetings everyone attends”. The meeting provides meaningful information to its participants through outstanding speakers.

Recreational programs and free time provide adequate relaxation and an opportunity for business contacts. Spouses are encouraged to attend and activities for them are specially arranged.



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SCPA concentrates on member information services. SCPA gathers information from all possible sources, collates and analyzes it and informs the membership through our weekly newsletter.

A major SCPA goal is improvement in effectiveness of state organizations. SCPA’s State Affairs Committee sponsors a State Issues Summit in the fall which is attended by state association executives, Farm Bureau people, agribusiness councils and others. This event provides up to date training on important issues, gives participants an opportunity for networking, aids in association management, testifying, lobbying, and other techniques.

soybean1SCPA speaks for you and enhances industry image. Association officers, committees and staff, monitor and offer written and oral testimony on proposed regulations and legislation and maintain personal contact with legislators and regulators. SCPA’s Director of State Affairs coordinates the Association’s state legislative activities and represents the Association at state legislative hearings. Member company professionals are key players in this activity.
Our size and diverse membership affords us a view from all aspects of each problem confronting the industry as a whole. We serve as an intermediary and catalyst toward common consensus to the benefit of all.

SCPA cultivates coalitions, alliances and understandings with state, regional and national associations with similar or related interests. We constantly exchange information with them. Though fiercely independent and maintaining a voice of its own, SCPA at the national level works in close concert with CropLife America and its RISE affiliate, the Southern Seed Association, The Fertilizer Institute, and the Agricultural Energy Alliance and others on matters of common interest


To act as a spokesperson for the southern crop production industry at state and federal levels in legislative and regulatory affairs, to educate its members on legislation and regulations, provide opportunity for business contacts and to educate the public toward a better understanding for the need and benefits of crop production products.



The Southern Crop Production Association is an independent, voluntary, non-profit regional trade association dealing with issues affecting the crop production industry.  It was originally founded in 1954 as the Virginia-Carolina Pesticide Formulators Association.  Due to the need for an organization with grassroots contacts to speak with a unified regional voice, SCPA has grown from its original eight members to represent virtually all crop production product manufacturers, formulators and distributors operating in sixteen southern states:  AL, AR, DE, FL, GA, KY, LA, MD, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA and WV.


Membership eligibility is limited to those firms which manufacture, formulate or distribute crop production products, sell or facilitate the sale of crop protection products, and those which provide supplies and services to them.  Voting rights are conferred upon the “Active” membership category which includes manufacturers, formulators, distributors and sellers or facilitators having as a minimum, a sales agent residing in one of the fifteen SCPA states.

SCPA’s operations and policies are controlled and directed by nineteen directors elected by the voting membership for staggered three year terms.  The Board of Directors is assisted by two advisory members appointed from the Associate Members.  Officers of the Association (a President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer) are elected by the board for two-year terms.  The Executive Vice President executes board policy, manages the day-to-day affairs of the Association and acts as its spokesperson.

The purpose and goals of the association are stated in its bylaws.  Briefly, these fall into two categories:

  • To provide essential information and services to its members.  This is accomplished primarily through an active committee system interfacing with the SCPA staff which guides and supports the committees’ efforts.  The State Affairs Committee is the most active dealing   with state legislation and regulatory issues.  Resource groups are relied on for specific areas of interest and information.
  • To provide a unified regional view from our industry to legislators and regulatory agencies at both federal and state levels concerning laws and regulations affecting our products and individual businesses, SCPA comments on proposed laws and regulations, testifies at selected hearings, explains SCPA’s point of view to elected and appointed officials and their staffs. In this endeavor SCPA depends heavily on its committee system and Board working closely with the SCPA staff.

Our weekly newsletter is a synopsis of current events.  It is sent to key representatives, state associations and other interested parties.  Additionally, on an “as needed basis” SCPA publishes bulletins, and letters addressed to company key representatives and other interested persons.   These focus on specific items of legislation or regulation which require action or attention by the member companies and cover a multitude of subjects.

SCPA has two “state” only PACs. No federal campaign involvement. SCPA PAC I is designed to be able to make political donations in states which allow corporate contributions.  This PAC receives donations from companies and SCPA.  SCPA PAC II is designed to be able to make political donations in states where corporate donations are prohibited and in states where corporate donations are also allowed. Funds are contributed to this PAC by individuals only from their own personal funds.